what kills design thinking?

February 5, 2019

These things kill design thinking:

  1. Considering design thinking a recipe for good design 
    Design thinking is not a fixed process, it’s a philosophy. It’s not possible to furnish a good solution to a problem simply by following the 5 or 147 step process of design thinking. There are no definite steps, it’s much more jumbled up than that.
  2. Repetition
    If someone’s already found a solution to a problem, you can either apply it to your own problem or you can improve upon it or even better find a totally different solution. The former does not involve design thinking. It is a mere act of repetition and might help you out but does not contribute in any way to innovation. Innovation lies in experimentation and improvement of the already existing answers.
  3. No empathy for the user
    Empathy is the number one factor that drives design. It is not to be taken lightly and should be given utmost importance. If you are making a product, then testing it with the end-user, getting feedback, and working on making it more suitable for your target customer is of great significance. They are the people who are finally going to use it so put them first and make sure they’re happy otherwise the rationale will be lost.
  4. People who think design thinking is bullshit
    Design thinking is badmouthed because the solution it arrives at seems so obvious to the end users. But they are forgetting that good design is obvious and great design is transparent. People have worked thousands of hours in order to make it obvious and intuitive that you think it is. So, what you’re saying is in fact a credit for the designer and not a blame for having done nothing.
  5. Regarding design thinking as only ‘thinking’
    Design thinking is more about execution than planning. One should not only think of solutions, but more importantly, bring them to life. Only then will the goal of design thinking be attained.

featured image: rafaltomal.com