what are some great business ideas that you wouldn’t mind giving away for free?

February 5, 2019

I’ve always had trouble with waking up early in the morning. Majority of the times, the problem is not that I can’t get myself out of bed after hearing the alarm, but that I can’t hear the alarm in the first place. Perks of being a deep sleeper.

Designers basically work to solve problems that people face and being a designer, I’ve always wanted to take up this one. However, I haven’t had it on the top of my priorities and wouldn’t mind if someone could give it a shot.

My ‘world-changing’ idea for myself and other millennials out there is an alarm clock combined with a pillow. It is quite simple if you think of it, just an amplifier and a vibrating alarm clock fitted inside a pillow with a mechanism to set the time (possibly electronically).

I, of course Googled to know if it already exists and found out someone else has, as always, thought of it before me and it looks something like this:

However, this is a mere concept and the product has not been built yet (but he (Seung Jun Jeong) has definitely got ahead of me by converting the idea to visuals.)

I feel, a way better design, aesthetically and functionally, is possible to be made and I’ll get back with it in case I decide to pursue it.

Considering the business aspect, I’m positive that this’ll have a massive audience as well as market, quite conveniently the entire college ecosystem of the world if you manage to keep the costs down.

If even that fails to wake me up, I’ll have to build something like this:

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