packaging design in nature

February 5, 2019

I’d like to acknowledge our planet earth in this post. What wonderful packaging design has it created from scratch.

Check out Mandarin – Orange 1.0

Doesn’t it look tempting?

A perfect shiny ‘orange’ colored case with a green tag – a hallmark of its creator, the orange tree. In fact, the name of the color orange is derived from this product, or is it the opposite?

Want to open it? You don’t need a scissor or a knife, no equipment whatsoever. Just punch your fingers into the top and peel it swiftly unveiling the symmetrically placed 10 slices. The ‘unboxing’ process is so intuitive and user-friendly, it’s wired right into our human brains through evolution.

Want to eat it? Again, you neither need a knife to cut it nor a fork to put it in your mouth. All you need to do is literally ‘put it in your mouth’. Such convenience, much wow.

We often forget to look for inspiration for ‘good design’ in nature and hence, this post.

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