does Apple’s aesthetic sense stand out?

February 5, 2019

A package arrived and I tore it open expectantly. Inside was something unexpected. A sleek, fourteen-inch, egg-shaped object. The white-and-turquoise shell was translucent like polished ice but tougher than bulletproof glass. The color combination was new and oddly alien. The egg’s vitreous nature allowed me a blurry glimpse of the innards. The smoothness, absence of joints or grooves and magical weightlessness made it feel as though it could not have been created in a factory but only by alchemy. It seemed like an object from another universe, a visual wonder that you needed to run your hands over to believe it was real. It was otherworldly, created by an alien culture far more technologically advanced than any previously encountered.

Luckily the object had a plug that fit into our earthly sockets. I powered it up and an apple appeared on its screen. I had been sent the new iMac G3. Back in the late 1990s, it seemed unearthly. Like a lot of other people, I began to wonder what magician had created it and what supernatural powers he’d used!

Rod Judkins

This passage is written by Rod Judkins in The Art of Creative Thinking. He is one satisfied customer!

Wow. What a product description. Can you imagine such an experience and connection with a product from another brand? The answer is yes, you can, these days. But back in the 90s? We can understand what an impact Apple’s aesthetic sense had in the 90s and how they continue to stand out even today.