Hi, I’m Aman!

I am a product designer and mechanical engineer. I have been involved in developing a variety of products for 8 years.

My expertise lies in creating concepts, functionality, prototyping, graphics, and developing products that can be realised.

Scroll down to see my professional journey.

Functionality Designer at MMID, an international product development agency. Designing functionality of complex physical products is an ideal role for me.

The nature of projects at MMID is such that true impact is made and this gives me immense satisfaction.

Graduated at KLM Royal Dutch Airlines
with an M.Sc. in Integrated Product Design from TU Delft.

Conceptualized and digitally prototyped KLM’s Hangar of the Future using VR as a tool.

I brought a design approach to a relatively conservative aviation industry and used VR to demonstrate the future hangar to stakeholders.

Virtual Reality has become a part of my design process and I see massive potential in it for product development.

I use 3D Sketching/Surfacing as a mid-step between sketches and CAD. I’m always happy to help people onboard VR.

Check out my add-on self-leveling coffee cup holder for VW cars that I designed a couple years back.

Volkswagen AG filed a patent for it in 2020.

I was part of a team to design a new Blulocks Smart Bike Lock that sits inside the frame of a bike, locks the drivetrain, and alerts your phone if someone tries to tamper with it.

It is meant to retrofit inside any bike to make it un-stealable.

I enjoy being in knowledge-sharing roles now and then. At IDE TU Delft, I have been regularly teaching workshops on graphic and logo design for 4 years.

I assisted the Delft Design Drawing teachers for several BSc/MSc courses and the BSc course of Product Dynamics.

In 2018, I was introduced to the peculiar black alkaline water. Yes! Black in color yet odorless, tasteless, and extremely rich in minerals.

I designed the blow-molded bottle, labelling, and logo for Evocus H2O, now a popular name in stores across several countries.

Hitch is a Smart Security Tag that attaches to your suitcase/purse/keys and when you forget your belongings or you run into a pickpocket, your phone rings immediately. Useful, isn’t it?

As a part of this budding start-up, I helped design Hitch V1/V2 and get it to market.

At Tata Technologies, I got the experience of surface modeling exterior trims (front & rear bumpers, logo baseplate) of the 2016 Hatchback Tata Tiago.

How did I enter the design industry? By first learning graphic design and co-founding Pixelworks to provide professional services to 50+ companies ranging from startups to a $100M enterprise.

I got the opportunity to do my thesis at National Institute of Design (NID) Ahmedabad.

I combined my interest in skateboarding and cycling into Skatebike, a human powered vehicle for last mile transport and leisure.

Before my thesis, I worked on another project at NID to design a signage system + street utility products for Vaishnodevi, a heritage site on a mountain in the north of India.

We designed directional signage, garbage disposal, drinking water areas, and other services for the 13 km trek leading upto the site with a footfall of 30,000 visitors per day.

From 2014-2018, I got my B.E. in Mechanical Engineering at BITS Pilani Goa.

At university, I was a part of a student team and several clubs and associations.

With Supra, a Formula SAE racing team, I worked in the Chassis team and foresaw Aerodynamics, CAD, and body panels design of our racecar.

I helped with various graphic design requirements and handled social media with 50k followers for Waves, one of the largest student fests in India with 120+ participating colleges.

Thanks for your interest!
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