Hi, I’m Aman.

Being an industrial designer and a mechanical engineer, I am always enthusiastic to take up challenging projects at the wonderful intersection of these fields. I love how a figment of one’s imagination can be converted into a tangible product that people interact with and benefit from. I enjoy tinkering with mechanisms, playing with ideas, and making stuff hands-on. I believe the role of industrial designers to be an incredibly responsible one – where we not only create objects and products around us, but also invent, cultivate, and influence needs. Hence, it must be carried out with care and competence. To satisfy needs and solve problems while adding value to people’s lives is my pursuit.

For me, design is a non-stop state of mind. Be it for a project or just spontaneous ideas, I go into deep observations about why things are designed the way they are and how to make them better*. This could be in the shower, during a conversation, or on a walk to the market. This state of mind helps me develop concrete insights about the world and develop my ideas further.


I’m a designer and engineer currently studying a master in Integrated Product Design at TU Delft, The Netherlands. Coming from a family of makers and designers in India, I have always been curious to find out how things work. Following my curiosity, I went on to study mechanical engineering at BITS Pilani Goa. Back in my first year at university, I stumbled upon industrial design and was excited that there exists an entire discipline where I could learn how things are designed, how they function, and how they are manufactured. Since then, all the work that I’ve done, my hobbies, my internships, and even my undergraduate thesis have mapped me to the field of design.

After graduating in 2018 with a BE in mechanical engineering, I moved to The Netherlands to pursue a full time MSc at Delft University of Technology. I find the blend of my engineering background and design experience to be immensely useful to work on projects, understand them in depth, and come up with fresh yet feasible solutions.